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Work process

The material is collected by means of road containers after they have entered into specific agreements with their municipalities. All containers are subject to insurance against damage to third parties. The material consists of bags, garments, fabrics, towels, rags, shoes, belts, bags, toys recycled everything that is transported by trucks or farm or their carriers.



You open the packaging that contains the material and subsequently deposited on large
benches by truck, ready for both manual and mechanical sorting.
The material is selected, depending on the type of product, used clothing summer and winter of I, II and III choice.


Then one step dell'impacchettamento after volume reduction by mechanical press (creating bales and bales) is realized in packs of 45 to 400 Kg
It is otherwise, however, for the shoes (of cloth, leather, sports, etc..), Belts, bags (both leather and plastic) and after a careful selection of toys that are packaged in bags of 25 Kg


At this point the finished product is sold both in Italy and abroad.

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